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Caren Elle

Beauty, Health, Fitness, Nutrition Enthusiast and Contributor

Hi! I’m a southern California native with a passion for beauty,health, fitness, and nutrition. A makeup artist and hairstylist by trade going on 19 years now! I started as soon as I graduated high school (do the math if you will), and for nearly 2 decades in fashion and entertainment the most popular topics talked about in the makeup room or on set have been relationships and physical upkeep.

Since my personal favorite was nutrition and exercise, I feel like I’ve heard it all and tried so many things based on the highly paid for regimens, recommendations and “results.”

My own personal battles with health began in my twenties with a laundry list that included severe urinary tract infections, debilitating vertigo, food allergies, digestive frustrations that led to leaky gut, hormonal imbalance from quitting birth control, multiple sports injuries, car accidents, chronic brain fog and painful joint inflammation that in turn forced me to research and experiment with countless diet methods, herbal remedies, cleanses, and fancy fitness classes (thank you, to the many years on Class Pass and Groupon deals).

In my years of overcoming much of the above I’ve collected a wealth of knowledge and experience to the point where many friends and even acquaintances have noticed the change in me inside and out, and thus have approached me for health counsel-ha! I’ve been told by too many people to count (including God I believe) that THIS is my calling.

I feel alive! (Less Frankenstein)

But seriously, I’m talking about fireworks of passion and purpose ignite through the fibers of my being when I have an opportunity to help someone towards their health goals. It’s here that I have the privilege to share tips that include beauty secrets, yummy energy boosting recipes, a spectrum of fantastic products, fun Zumba dance moves (I’m a licensed instructor), DIY green fashion, and encouraging words to empower your soul. YAY you!!! I look forward to championing YOUR road to multi faceted health for you and those who follow your lead.

In Your Corner With Joy,

Caren Elle