How I Didn’t Let The Flu Bug Catch Me

January and February seem to be the most popular times for the flu virus to creep around. I particularly am familiar with the timing as it coincidentally falls around my birthday which happens to land on a holiday in February.

Year after year many of my dear friends send their “can’t go” replies or last minute texts of regret claiming “I’m sick. I think I have the flu”. What’s upsetting is not so much that they can’t attend my awesome party where I love playing Cupid (lol), but that their immune system became vulnerable to attack! I get it. It happens to the vast majority.

I suppose being a makeup artist makes me highly susceptible, and therefore have become victim of this virus forcing me to reschedule my B-day parties. Travesty! If you couldn’t tell, celebrating is a big deal for me.

When this happened 3 years in a row I said enough’s enough and researched more immune boosters to add to my arsenal. So, I’m proud to report that I haven’t been hit with the flu for going on 5 years now - yeaayyyy!


Wanna know my favorite 5 weapons if you’re ever feeling under the weather?

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

(1-1) solution to lukewarm water equaling 1 C. Gargle ¼ or less at a time, spit and repeat until contents are finished.

2. Colloidal Silver 250 or 500 PPM

This comes in a dropper form and thankfully has no taste. I take 1 dropper full underneath the tongue (sublingual) and hold for 30 seconds 2x a day.


3. Oil of Oregano dropper form (2-4 drops depending on concentration)

Oh, boy this one is potent, and I have to chase this down with a flute of vanilla flaxseed milk or acai juice to handle the punch.


4. Echinacea Extract drops

This is kind of bitter so like to add this to #3’s flute chaser.


5. C Salts-Vitamin C powder

Hooray, a Vitamin C that’s highly effective and doesn’t have corn fillers and gentle on the tummy.

*I strongly prefer and recommend dropper forms of herbs whenever possible as to avoid added fillers.