Charcoal Beauty Secrets

One of my supplement staples has claimed spots in my pantry, bathroom cabinet next to my skin care products, in my on the go supplement container in my purse, and even in my work makeup kit. Activated charcoal tablets have been widely used to treat medical trauma cases where the body has been affected by food poisoning or ingested chemical toxins. It’s used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out of the body not allowing reabsorption; aka adsorption. Here are my top 3 uses:

1. Acne Treatment

The beauty industry could not ignore these tried and true benefits without launching a slurry of products that target acne prone or “dull” skin. Save your money and add it to your existing products.

Carefully pull apart 1 capsule in your palm or a bowl, and mix with a half dollar size drop of your favorite mask for oily skin. The hydrating kind for dry skin is not as effective. Then spread with a silicon spatula all over your face avoiding upper and lower eyelid area as if to make way for 2 fresh cucumber slices to sit, and lips. I like to spread a thicker layer around my  T-zone: forehead, nose, and chin. Leave mask on for at least 20 min or until mask gets dry. This also can be used as a spot treatment.

Fun tip: I love taking a photo of myself wearing this mask, and making funny faces then sending it to friends hoping to make them laugh.

2. Whitening Toothpaste

I drink a lot of dark green juices, so I was quite excited to see the results! Believe it or not, the odd gray blob that forms while brushing is actually pulling toxins out of your mouth and became an immediate believer to this trick after the first try.

Carefully open a capsule and pour contents into a small dish (like the ones used for condiments). Then squeeze a pea-sized amount of your favorite non-fluoride toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Then dip your toothbrush into a small dish, coating just the top layer of the toothpaste. Save remaining contents for the next day or two, and store in a safe place. Brush teeth like normal and rinse when complete.

Fun tips: If you have an electric toothbrush, turn it on when toothbrush is securely inside your mouth for the first 5 seconds. I was so eager to see the color change happening, and out of habit, immediately smiled while I was brushing and you guessed it… had an extra mess to clean while getting ready for my day-not that fun.
Rinse toothbrush off completely, otherwise anyone who shares the sink with you might think your toothbrush is nasty!
Speaking of nasty, I.. (confession) had a few puffs of a cigar for a Havana nights party, and was warned the taste can stay in my mouth for up to 24 hrs! Anyway, I decided to put my activated charcoal capsule toothpaste the test, and was pleasantly surprised to report that I didn’t taste the smoke of Rocky or was it Romeo?


3.Anti-Aging Tonic

It’s important to routinely rid the body of toxins, and not just on an as needed basis. By doing this, you’re promoting cellular turnover to your organs like your kidneys, liver that might have become sluggish over time. We are constantly exposed to toxins around us in our everyday lives. I suggest slowing down this premature aging process by making a tasty tonic adding an open capsule of activated charcoal to a no added sugar, non-carbonated drink with electrolytes. I intend to share a recipe soon!

Fun tip: hen my tummy status is below norm or skin looks dull (especially during or post travel), I pop one of these heroes in a bevvy for a pick me up.