Joint Pain Relief Tips

“Snap, crackle, pop” is a catch phrase used by a popular rice based cereal, but not quite the sounds you want to hear coming from your joints. What is true about aging is the squishy parts (that keep our joints moving well) wears down. This could be more noticeable if you’ve been or are currently physically active. Some people have accepted this as one of the woes of aging however, I’d love to share some tips to help alleviate some of these woes. They say “sharing is caring and care is in my name!”

You might start noticing a trend here, but I like to keep these articles simple and concise enough for you to consider implementing into your regimen.  

To Consume

Joint supplements

There’s a vast array out there offered individually, but I highly recommend a liquid form that combines the best of the best with a high potency.

Nature’s Way Joint Movement extra strength is my go to with glucosamine (a building block of cartilage tissue), chondroitin (a component of connective tissue), MSM (a mineral vital in the formation of collagen), Vitamin D3 (promotes healthy bones and muscle function) and Hyaluronic Acid (supports joints, skin and connective tissues). I personally take a solo Hyaluronic Acid supplement in addition to the above liquid. My recommended amount is 100mg/ daily.

Bonus “side affect” to consuming joint supporting supplements is healthier skin, nails, and hair! Who doesn’t want that?


This sounds simple enough, but with our busy lives we tend to forget how much water we should be consuming especially if we drink caffeine. Aim to consume at least 64 oz/daily.

Not To Consume/Try to Avoid

Inflammatory foods

These can be different for all people depending on your current state and level of activity. Perhaps whole grains and low glycemic fruits would not cause inflammation if consumed in reasonable amounts according to your daily physical activity. Big trigger contributors are: refined grains, refined sugars (candy, sweets, hidden sugars noted on the product label), dairy, and fruit.

I’ve personally noticed more joint aches when I’ve occasionally overindulged in what essentially is CARBS that I don’t burn off in the gym.


Roll it, massage it, stretch it out- oh yeah! I own dozens of gadgets and gizmos depending on what I can fit in my bag.

Foam Roller

I believe EVERY household needs a foam roller of some kind. I personally own 3 kinds with or without knob variations for deeper contact. If you’re a newbie to this, I’d search on YouTube for basic techniques, and buy the foam without tread/knobs.


Balls from sports like tennis and lacrosse have also doubled as a helpful tool in joint relief, and come in various sizes to reach deep areas like glutes and hips that is a bit harder for the flatter surfaced foam roller. The lacrosse ball has a harder shell and doesn’t collapse like the tennis ball. The size that would feel most comfortable to you would highly depend on how much tissue is between the ball and the sore spot-ha! I find the 12’ diameter is a good place to start. I’d lie on your back and roll it around to follow the areas of soreness. Hold for 10-20 seconds and release. This is especially good for those who claim they have sciatic pain. An absolute game changer for me!