Natural Anti Aging Nutrition Tips

I get asked ALL the time, “What foundation do you use?” & “What skincare do you use?” As a makeup artist for 2 decades, it would be easy to assume that the list of “tips” I’m about to mention will be makeup related. However, most of the product recommendations my clients get excited about saving in their notes app are in the supplement and nutrition category!

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and to solely care for it topically would be missing half the point! What you put IN your body as well as ON your body will add up to results that will make the best change for the long run. Just like diet or exercise alone will not give you the long-lasting results of a competitive athlete, but we’ll talk about that another time.


Without further chatter, here are my top 5 game changers that I believe will give you that youthful glow from the inside and out! As with any list I post, there are more tips that can easily be added, but for now, let’s keep it simple and effective.



As we age we can accumulate inflammation in various forms, but as for me and many others who I know have a diet without grains have noticed a less “puffy face” (and esp eyelids and eye bags) belly bloat and improved mobility in our joints.



The refrigerated kind that starts at 45 billion CFU's for maintenance, but I highly suggest taking 100 billion CFU's for the first 3 months. When the gut flora is regulated, then you will absorb more nutrients from your food, digest it well, & get rid of toxins. Believe me, your skin will show its appreciation.


Available in topical serum AND Oral form (liquid dropper and supplements). As we age we produce less (surprise-surprise) of this yummy acid that provides the hydrating layer just underneath the dermis and surrounding joints. More noticeably over time, our face appears as though our pores are becoming larger, however, the hyaluronic acid level is actually being depleted by moisture stripping products and poor diet. You might notice this ingredient found in many expensive name brand creams, too. I’d recommend consuming orally for the long haul.



*My top oils and sources that I consume raw for highest potency.

Flaxseed, Hemp, Olive, Wild-Caught Fish Oil, & Avocados


5. DRINK COLLAGEN (No Botox for me, thanks)

Powder or Pills

My favorite sources are from the brands: Vital Proteins (Marine collagen) and Ancient Nutrition (Chicken Bone-Broth: Pure and Vanilla)


I’ve noticed a HUGE difference incorporating these tricks to my “beauty routine”, and so have peers in the beauty industry, childhood friends (my fave), and followers who often see my go-to hashtags: #nofilters #nobotox #dietismedicine #beautyfromtheinsideout