Hipp’s Training Tip: How to Create Home Workouts

Sometimes you just can't get to the gym. Or you don't want to go to the gym. Or you don't have time. Or maybe you do have time to workout but not enough time when you include the 10-20 minute drive each way. Well, I have a confession to make: I haven't been to the gym in almost a month.


Well, a traditional gym. One of my hobbies is coming up with calisthenic workouts (or collecting them from friends or YoutUbe Channels that I follow) that can be done almost anywhere. Call it CrossFit without weights. Here are two examples:


Home Workout #1

Equipment needed: Pull-up bar, or cross-beam

Alternating pronated (forehand) and supinated (reverse) grip, perform 3 pull-ups with minimal rest in between. Do as many sets as you can or up to 50 reps whichever comes first.

If you need pull-up assistance, use a band or stand on a chair and use as little leg support as possible until you are able to perform a pull-up unassisted.

Pull-ups are a fantastic full upper body exercise!


Home Workout #2