Hipp's Health Tip #1: The Utmost Importance of Hydration.

People ask me all the time about my diet and exercise routine and how to get into better shape. The first thing I ask them back is, “How much water do you drink?” I aim to drink at least 75% of my body weight in ounces of water every day (So, for a 150-lb. person that’s about 115-ounces OR 3.5-liters). Water is to your body as oil is to your car. In reality, the majority of people go through the day partially dehydrated. If you are thirsty, you’re already somewhat dehydrated. Until you master hydration, any other diet or exercise improvement will not be as effective. Challenge: For the next week, drink at least 75% of your bodyweight in ounces of water. Yes, you will use the bathroom seven times or more per day, but it will be worth it! Here’s a quick read on  Top 10 Reasons We Need to Drink More Water!