Many of you asked for a healthy meal or shake recipe last week. I heard ya! This is one of my favorite shakes and it's jam-packed with goodness and tastes amazing, too. I call it the POWER SHAKE and you can use it as a meal replacement or post-workout refuel.


*1+ scoop or your favorite protein powder (I like SFH Pure for whey or Rawfusion to keep it vegan). 120-140 cals.

*1TBSP chia seeds. 50 cals.

*1-2 tsp Maca Root Powder

*1 oz. Walnuts. 185 cals.

*1/2 cup or 70g of frozen blueberries. 40 cals.

*1/2 cup organic coconut milk. 200 cals.

*Pinch of cinnamon.


Let me know how you like it! It is high in healthy fat, and here's why. I follow a very high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet, to train my body rely on fat as fuel, something I'll be discussing more in future alerts.